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Attorney Stephen Gizzi has been an arbitrator, mediator and mediation instructor for over 16 years. During that time, he has trained hundreds of lawyers, judges and corporate professionals on the fundamentals of mediation and has served as an investigator / auditor for the State Bar Mandatory Fee Arbitration program. In 2005, some of his investigative findings and recommendations resulted in the issuance of a statewide advisory by the State Bar of California and a rule change for arbitrations conducted under the Mandatory Fee Arbitration program.

Attorney Scott D Reep is also a trained mediator. Both are committed to utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution, when appropriate, as a tool to solve legal issues outside of the courtroom. Both have productively used mediation and arbitration in many cases and have conducted settlement conferences and mediation sessions for the Contra Costa County Superior Court.

Stephen Gizi and Scott D. Reep are actively involved in the Mandatory Fee Arbitration Panel for the State Bar of California. Stephen Gizzi was recently selected to investigate allegations of improper conduct during the course of an arbitration hearing. His findings and subsequent recommendations were adopted by the State Bar in 2006 as an Arbitration Advisory, and have now been implemented on a statewide basis.
While owning your own business represents great independence and success, it also can result in litigious matters that either distract you from operating your business or put that business’ future in peril. Our experience includes facilitating business mediation sessions for large, multi-party cases. Business mediation provides an efficient and confidential method of resolving all manner of business disputes including those related to contracts, intellectual property, partnership disagreements or dissolution, and employment.
Using Alternative Dispute Resolution provides an open forum for discussion that can be especially beneficial when it comes to divorce and family-related legal issues. Divorce can have dire effects on a family and a traditional legal battle only makes matters worse and more expensive. Mediation promotes open discussion without arguing over asset division/property division or fighting over child custody. The lasting benefits are numerous and promote positive future relationships for all family members. For more information or to schedule an appointment at our Benicia Historical Arsenal District office, please contact us.

Mediation and Arbitration

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods of mediation and arbitration can be valuable ways to resolve disputes. Going to trial can be contentious, inefficient, and very expensive. In both personal and business disputes, the choice of mediation or arbitration over the traditional court process can often represent much faster, effective, and affordable methods of resolving disputes. Contact our Bay Area law firm to learn more about ADR.