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Putting everything in writing makes all requests clear. The ultimate goal in estate planning is to keep as many of the resources as possible within the family or in the possession of the individuals selected to receive them, and not to tie up excessive money with legal matters, including complex probate proceedings.
In our estate-planning practice, we handle wills, trusts, and other probate matters, including estate and trust administration and legal challenges to wills or trusts, as necessary. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that the financial resources stay within their families or are properly directed to chosen beneficiaries after death. Our attorneys have also drafted family business succession plans, health care directives, and durable powers of attorney.
Those who fail to prepare a proper estate plan will have their estates divided up and distributed by the court following strict statutory requirements. This essentially takes control away from the family and may become a complicated and expensive process. We can help you and your heirs avoid the trauma of estate disputes and we are able to assist with issues related to estate administration or probate challenges.
Estate planning necessitates a proactive approach and sensitivity to the needs of not only the person who requires an estate plan, but also that individual’s family members. Proper estate planning requires drafting a will to govern bequests of property to named beneficiaries and to specific guardians for minor children in case of parental death, and establishing trusts to ensure that finances are protected in accordance with individual requirements.

Estate Planning is Vital.

If an individual’s estate includes a family-run business, plans need to be made for the future. At Reep and Mitchell we can prepare a detailed family business succession plan to ensure that the wishes of the business owner and family are met. If you are in need of assistance related to wills, trusts, or estate matters our Bay Area lawyers will put together a customized plan to properly direct your financial resources in accordance with your wishes.

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