Elder Abuse

Senior citizens are increasingly becoming victims of abuse. That elder abuse can be physical, emotional, or financial. Elder citizens can become the victims of scam artists or of those who attempt to exercise unwarranted dominion or control over seniors for financial or other gain, such as using undue influence to pressure elders to change their wills. Institutional care for the elderly is underfunded and understaffed, resulting in greater opportunity for physical or emotional abuse of residents. It is a troubling trend and our senior population needs legal protection to combat abuse. Whether it is a civil matter or becomes a criminal matter, we will assist you or your elderly family member or refer you to a criminal law attorney. Ultimately, we want to help end the cycle of abuse.

Age Discrimination

Elder Law

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Elder law issues can include civil rights, allegations of abuse, health or financial matters, estates, and trusts. Active seniors today have more independence and vitality than previous generations. However, with that increased activity and overall population, legal problems can beset our elder population.

Our elderly clients and their family members have unique concerns that require knowledgeable and experienced legal representation in the area of elder law. At Gizzi Reep Foley in Benicia, California, our skilled lawyers confidentially and sensitively help senior citizens deal with very personal and complex elder law issues. If you or a loved one faces an elder law issue, contact our law office to schedule a consultation.

Estate Planning

Many seniors are working well into their seventies and eighties. With those increased employment periods, including grants of college tenure, and job applications later in life than is customary, age discrimination becomes a serious issue. Senior citizens’ reasons for continuing in the workplace are sometimes twofold: remaining active and needing income. There are state and federal laws in place prohibiting age discrimination. We have a thorough knowledge of those laws and will use that understanding to aggressively defend you or your elderly family member.

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Seniors have the right to secure their finances and ensure that their assets go to the proper beneficiaries. In addition, they alone should be entitled to make end-of-life decisions. At Gizzi Reep Foley,  we will help protect you by developing a solid and detailed plan that sets forth your estate-planning desires and end-of-life decisions.

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